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John & Roslyn Das

Husband and wife who have been working as a team for over 25 years to bring life, love and health to thousands of people around the world.


They have a passion to help people find and fulfill their life’s purposes to full potential. They are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

John was born in Washington, DC, and is of Indian, African and Caribbean descent. Roslyn was born and raised in New York City.  They met in 1992 as college students in Hampton, Virginia. They have five children, run successful businesses, and support communities with charitable nonprofit initiatives and organizations. 

John and Roslyn have traveled to India, Africa, Canada, South America, and Europe spreading the good news and hope everywhere they go.  Through “Daughter Arise” John and Roslyn will bring hope to you.


Pastor Das
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  • Daughter Arise is a movement of hope and love designed to help women who are in need to arise

  • To help women arise from places of despondency and despair


To connect women in need with effective resources designed to help them arise in all areas of their life. 

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